Nine years ago, Gary Lee began his career at MDT as one of our Client Service Representatives. He has held several positions since then – all interfacing with MDT’s clients – past, present and future. Today, Gary is the Vice President of MDT’s Client Relations and Sales departments.

As his departments have evolved, Gary continues to coach a Client Relations team who strives to offer “best fit” solutions to the MDT clients. Gary also leads the Client Services team and collectively the team is continuing to work toward immediate resolution with high touch service. His teams work tirelessly to provide advocacy for our credit unions and are dedicated to both the personal and professional relationships between MDT and our credit unions.



Since his youth, Gary has lived by the “work hard, play hard” philosophy. When not working hard, he is consumed with wanderlust and believes that travel, in general, keeps the soul young and the mind sharp. He most appreciates any coastal travel destination, especially during the summer months. When he comes across a “historic town that embodies original footings and architecture” and it just happens to be on the coast, Gary will smile from ear to ear as he basks in his perfect vacation.

We’ve seen evidence at MDT that indicates Gary is very competitive so, not surprisingly, he loves sports – both playing and watching. The NCAA basketball tourney, NBA Playoffs, Super Bowl, and Fantasy Football can keep him riveted for hours, reducing him to a glazed state of rapture. His latest interest in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) creates a crazy euphoria of sorts for Gary. Look up “euphoria” in the dictionary and you will see that one of its synonyms is glee… (…. Just sayin’…)

This self-proclaimed foodie who says that “basically any red meat will get the job done” has an amazing wife who “puts up with plenty.” They share their home with two Labrador Retrievers, Petey and Melley, who are learning how to hunt and retrieve birds, and fetch the remote, and open a beer….

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