EVP/COO Scott Johnston joined MDT in 2004, though his long history of working in the financial industry extends almost four decades. His past experience includes stints at the Federal Reserve Bank, CenCorp (Alloya), Federal Home Loan Bank, and DFCU Financial.

Scott has responsibility for both of MDT’s Michigan and Montana data center operations, and he also oversees the Technology, Security & Compliance, Operational Analytics, and Human Resources departments.

Scott is a graduate of Davenport University.



When Scott tears himself away from all of the whirring machines and blinking lights of MDT’s Command Central Data Center, he turns his attention to his family, particularly to his three grandchildren. He likes to frequent various fishing spots near his home, and he enjoys casting a line with his grandson and son-in-law whenever he can. Scott also loves to spend time cooking with his wife, so of course inquiring minds what to know if they’re whipping up all that fish he catches! Scott also just loves hanging out with his wife… still crazy after all these years!

One most weekends, you can find Scott building something or fixing something for himself or somebody else. This tinkerer’s tinkering extends to cars – he just loves loves LOVES cars and things that go fast! (He also has a tractor, so we wonder what kind of engine he dropped in it and how fast he can get that lawn mown….)

Scott eventually lays his tools aside and turns his attention to real estate. He likes to dabble in investment properties and he enjoys the challenge of renovations. He may be secretly working on his own reality show, but we’ll never know until it becomes a reality!

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